DeviceBits is a software company focused on the enablement and adoption of mobile applications and devices through a predictive, self-learning platform of Interactive Tutorials, Guides, FAQs, and Videos.

Interactive Tutorials

Interactive web and mobile tutorials integrated into your programs like try-before-you-buy, self-support and education.

Interactive Guides

Self learning journeys pilot your users through a series of guides to resolve issues or learn your product.

Adaptive FAQs

Answer simple questions with an interactive experience while taking your customers through known journeys by other users.


Provide educational or user-contributed videos for self-paced learning in a familiar format.

DeviceBits Predictive Analytics

Improve the customer experience by shortening the time that users need to spend learning about your products while increasing successful interactions with the content. The same data that feeds the reporting engine is utilized with machine learning algorithms to anticipate customer needs identifying paths to success.

Retain customers, reduce calls to care, reduce return rates, reduce call handle time, increase first-call resolution and drive adoption of additional services; whether you are a carrier or an MVNO your objectives are similar. The DeviceBits team has partnered with dozens of organizations to bring innovative approaches to obtaining the goals of organizations like yours. Contact us today for a demo and learn more.

Organizations are relying more on their mobile content and how their customers interact with this content more than ever. No matter if it is supporting your customer base or your internal employees, you need to focus on how to enable the users to drive value from the mobile products you are providing. DeviceBits has developed predictive interactive content for consumer-mobile, mobile-web, and enterprise applications like SAP, Salesforce, and IBM.

Your customers are spending enormous amounts of money launching your devices, but how are you enabling a successful launch and supporting your products? A successful device launch requires a massive transfer of knowledge to the supporting organization, and is the difference between a successful and a failed launch. DeviceBits is helping manufacturers around the globe build content to get devices to market faster while increasing your customer satisfaction.

Your app can be lost in the app store world. With over 1.5 million apps to choose from how do you make your app stand out? Publishing content to allow customers to “Try Before They Buy” can ensure a better purchasing experience and lower return rates. Increase loyalty to your brand as users return for new apps and services because you provide them a better buying experience.

DeviceBits has provided us the ability to launch handsets faster and reduce the calls to our center while providing our Customer Care Agents the ability to prepare for these launches regardless of the offshore center we are using.

Large US Carrier

Our cars are getting smarter and the applications that support them are more complex. DeviceBits has provided us an onboarding tool for new buyers while enabling our support center to quickly enable our users to find the answers they need.

US Automotive Manufacturer

DeviceBits has enabled us to create an industry-first in-store experience for potential customers shopping for a new device. This program has reduced our return rates on devices and automated our new-customer onboarding program.

Tier 1 Device Manufacturer

Mobile Banking is the new standard for banking worldwide. Our investments in cross-platform applications, mobile web browsers and SMS products require significant support to a multifaceted end user. DeviceBits gives us the most flexible solutions for the rapid development of content as the call drivers change in our centers.

UK Financial Services Leader

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