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Today’s consumers are technically-savvy. Give them the self-service customer experience they want and you’ll increase customer satisfaction, improve product adoption, and boost retention.

Improve Customer Service

Shorten the length of time customers spend looking for information about your products and services while giving them the ability to help themselves.

Reduce Customer Churn

A consistent and proactive customer service engagement to increase the lifetime value of your customer.

Drive Sales Engagement

As consumers use your self-help service platform, identify cross-selling opportunities by predicting the user’s journey through the behavioral patterns.

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What are our customers saying about us?

"DeviceBits has provided us the ability to launch handsets faster and reduce the calls to our center while providing our Customer Care Agents the ability to prepare for these launches regardless of the offshore center we are using." - Large US Carrier

"Our cars are getting smarter and the applications that support them are more complex. DeviceBits has provided us an onboarding tool for new buyers while enabling our support center to quickly enable our users to find the answers they need." - US Automotive Manufacturer

"DeviceBits has enabled us to create an industry-first in-store experience for potential customers shopping for a new device. This program has reduced our return rates on devices and automated our new-customer onboarding program." - Tier 1 Device Manufacturer

"Mobile Banking is the new standard for banking worldwide. Our investments in cross-platform applications, mobile web browsers and SMS products require significant support to a multifaceted end user. DeviceBits gives us the most flexible solutions for the rapid development of content as the call drivers change in our centers." - UK Financial Services Leader