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About DeviceBits

DeviceBits experience in Telecommunication, Enterprise Software, and AI enables the DeviceBits team to focus on continuously delivering value by transforming how organizations are supporting their customers and employees through an AI driven customer service platform. Check out our team below to learn more about how our thought leadership can help your company Future Proof Customer Service.

JC Ramey

Chief Executive Officer  | 

For the last fifteen years JC has built a career in the development and commercialization of enterprise software, professional services and telecommunications products. Starting in research and development at Bell Labs and later being acquired by IBM’s Software Group, he has moved to the executive ranks of both private and publicly held companies based in Silicon Valley. Today he applies his knowledge and trusted team to changing the way companies provide customer service through the rapidly growing market of Artificial Intelligence and applying predictive customer service solutions.

Brian Thibault

Chief Technology Officer  | 

Brian Thibault comes from an eCommerce, marketing, and software engineering background. He focuses on building scalable and reusable software solutions around repeatable processes. His main area of expertise is problem-solving with technology to drive business value and return on investment to shareholders. Brian uses lean and agile approaches to managing software development for rapid, value-driven delivery. As a technologist, he focuses on Software Engineering, Distributed Systems, and Artificial Intelligence. At DeviceBits, Brian is currently overseeing all aspects of the software products and development life-cycle.

Jeremy Miller

Chief Scientific Advisor  | 

Jeremy Miller has built a career managing and analyzing data for health care. He received his Ph.D. in computational/physical chemistry, where he designed quantum simulations of magnetic resonance imaging. He performed postdoctoral research at the Van Andel Research Institute, architecting a personalized medicine solution for cancer genomics. Jeremy is a 20-year data scientist with a career focused on machine learning and predictive models in large disparate data to improve patient outcomes. At DeviceBits, Jeremy heads the Data Science division including big data management and building artificial intelligence solutions to improve customer care.

Chris Callahan

Chief Commercial Officer  | 

Chris brings over 20 plus years of sales management and business development experience to the company, and oversees sales and business development activities for the organization. Chris is a sales technology executive with deep expertise and proven experience in developing early-stage companies to deliver high performance solutions focusing on a sales driven transformation. Over the past decade he has lead several organizations to a successful exit while creating significant value for its shareholders.

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