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About DeviceBits

Bringing logic, intelligence, & groundbreaking functionality to customer support.

DeviceBits’ experience in business, AI/ML, and technology, is keeping us at the forefront of the current transformation being seen in today’s increasingly complex customer support industry. 

Our AI driven GPS (Guided Predictive Support) Platform is continuously & creatively delivering sizable value to businesses and consumers by transforming how organizations think & deliver support to their customers AND employees. 

Check out our team below to learn more about how our thought leadership can help your company Future Proof Customer Service.

Executive Leadership

JC Ramey

CEO - since birth
For the last fifteen years JC has built a career in the development and commercialization of enterprise software, professional services and telecommunications products.

Brian Thibault

CTO - makes it all work
Brian Thibault comes from an eCommerce, marketing, and software engineering background. He focuses on building scalable and reusable software solutions around repeatable processes.

Chris Callahan

CCO - the legend
Chris brings over 20 plus years of sales management and business development experience to the company, and oversees sales and business development activities for the organization.

Jeremy Miller

Chief Data - talks to robots
Ph.D. in computational/physical chemistry & 20 years as a data scientist designing quantum simulations of magnetic resonance imaging. He performed postdoctoral research at the Van Andel Research Institute, architecting a personalized medicine solution for cancer genomics.

.....and them

Luke Schumacher

VP Customer Success - trust the process
Successful sales, management, and operations career catering to large enterprise and telecom customers.

Dustin Spies

VP Enterprise Business - uses a lot of words
Veteran in the start-up world handling business strategies, growth, and development.

Joe Hanna

Product Lead - the nicest guy ever
Energetic, Experienced Team Leader in project based mobile support and content creation

Corey Meeks

QA Lead - he's tuff
Experienced QA Lead with a demonstrated history of working in the computer software industry.

Gabe Shirkey

Sales - extensive shoe collection
Experienced Product Specialist and Account Executive with a demonstrated history of working in the computer software and online retail industry.

Introducing....The Support of Things (SoT)

From Apple to ZTE, and from banking apps to your smarthome…the philosophy behind the Support of Things is helping build an interconnected information and support network for the IoT (Internet of Things)

Our knowledge-platform not only consists of hardware, software, and application level support, but more importantly, it is the first ever “blended” support network that allows customers to resolve non-brand specific issues.


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