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The New Strategy Powering Customer Service, Increasingly Intelligent Self-Support Automation

Enable Customer Self-Support

Are wait and call times negatively impacting your customer’s experience? Are you providing a self-support experience? What if you could measure and impact not only a customer’s experience but also your agents?

DeviceBits consumes and distributes articles to score and predict future efficacy. Using intent based search, related concepts and suggested paths, users accelerate their interactions with self-support articles. This leads to happier customers and shorter wait times.

DeviceBits Academy is an intelligent, digital self-support customer service destination that brings your user experience into the future. Each Academy destination contains articles in a variety of consumable formats that are intelligently linked to enable a predictive user journey creating successful outcomes for your customers.

DeviceBits Footprints provides an industry first, tracked 360° view of the customer experience for users transitioning from self-serve (Academy) to agent assisted (CareAssist). Improving your customer’s experience by capturing and delivering to agents the entire support journey.


Enable your customers to self-support through a predictive, user journey including FAQs, Interactive Tutorials, Guides, and Videos.


Empower your team to create and manage articles that supports your customers through a lightweight, non-programmatic web interface.

AI Powered

Intelligently match self-support questions to known resolutions through scoring models for article effectiveness and intent based lookup.


A dashboard that monitors and alerts teams on the effectiveness of your Customer Support repository through search, feedback, and article utilization.

Intelligent Customer Support Suite

Future proof your customer service with an increasingly intelligent agent assisted and self-service platform.


Frictionless deployment enabling customers to self-service with a predictive, interactive experience.



Gain valuable insights by connecting the power of artificial intelligence, machine learning and predictive customer journeys.


Empower agents with an extensible knowledge portal providing predictive and guided paths that lead to higher customer service ratings.

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