Single Source of Truth means no silos for Customer Support Knowledge

Applying AI to a Centralized Knowledge Repository

DeviceBits’ commitment to AI principles also shows their commitment to customer service principles

Why is #NoSilo important?

  1. Modalities do NOT work for AI in Customer Service
  2. IT/Engineering building and maintaining BOTs does NOT scale
  3. Centralizing support materials allows self-optimizing

Typical Customer Service / Support Data Structure

The DeviceBits Difference

The DeviceBits platform is designed so that each product contributes to the data utilization and overall effectiveness of the support content. The software benefits from machine learning algorithms used to improve the customer service experience, drive sales, support accuracy, and customer retention.

Customer Self-Service

Customer Support


BOT+ chatbot


Guided Path Resolutions

AI/ML Platform

Agent Intent / BOT Training

Source of Truth Engineering Knowledge Repository