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DeviceBits BOT+ is quite literally the answer for a smarter, more manageable, chatbot.


The answer for your chatbot.

(well...technically the question too)

We don't like talking to empty people, who wants help from an empty chatbot? BOT+ takes millions of digital user journeys to create a BOT with substance.


Chatbots are only as relevant as their data. BOT+ is part of a platform that thrives on managing massive amounts of data.


Your customers expect support in various channels. BOT+ ensures an intelligent presence anywhere your customers are...including social media.


BOT+ is designed to automate the heavy, manual, and ongoing lift required by today's chatbots deployments.

Add BOT+

Already have a chatbot or other tool?

Great! BOT+ helps by automatically absorbing their knowledge and feeding them back updated content...almost sounds like cheating!

BOT+ Academy

BOT+ is easily plugged right into Academy for the most seamless transition from self-service to BOT service to customer service.

BOT+ CareAssist

Part of a great customer experience is picking right up where your customer left off. Let BOT+ CareAssist follow that user journey and let your Agents be right there when your customer's need them.

The BOT+ Brain


Intelligent Decision Support Platform

SupportPredict is an out-of-the-box AI platform leveraging real user behaviors in a cross-channel collection engine containing more than 100 million user behaviors and feedback. Applying artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning algorithms, and predictive analytics, SupportPredict enables your organization to make measurable decisions. Our entire suite of products were built to feed and be fed by the ever increasing knowledge base, allowing for infinite improvement.