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Empowering agents to learn, assist and contribute to a better customer service experience.

Intelligent Care Agent Platform

What if you could train and retain agents by getting them effective faster? Could you use agents to enable self-service and future article topic creation? How can Artificial Intelligence improve resolution rates and drive higher NPS scores?

DeviceBits has built an integrated platform to engineer your existing knowledge repositories, frictionlessly empowering your agents. By suggesting topics, articles and known paths to agents they can provide the best customer service possible without the manual curation or management of knowledge articles.

DeviceBits repositories provide simple text based responses while also giving agents an interactive experience to assist customers in resolving the most complex queries. All the while, learning how the articles are being used, rating effectiveness and refactoring future queries to reduce handle times, increase first call resolution and enable future automated responses in the dozens of BOT products available in the market.

DeviceBits Footprints provides an industry first, tracked 360° view of the customer experience for users transitioning from self-serve (Academy) to agent assisted (CareAssist). Improving your customer’s experience by capturing and delivering to agents the entire support journey.

Bot Ready

Maximize your existing digital support solutions by automating or co-piloting agent responses by leveraging scored and structured paths within your knowledge repositories.


By using the same interface, develop engaging and interactive curriculums for onboarding and continuing agent education.

AI Powered

Enable agents to intelligently match customers questions to known resolutions through scoring models around article effectiveness and intent based lookup.


Notify and empower your teams to author critical articles on demand through a lightweight non-programmatic web interface.

Intelligent Customer Support Suite

Future proof your customer service with an increasingly intelligent agent assisted and self-service platform.


Frictionless deployment enabling customers to self-service with a predictive, interactive experience.


Gain valuable insights by connecting the power of artificial intelligence, machine learning and predictive customer journeys.


Empower agents with an extensible knowledge portal providing predictive and guided paths that lead to higher customer service ratings.

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