Creating Great Customer Service

Turning basic "hunt & click & call" support into an intelligent & integrated customer support operation.

System Features

Easy Deployment

No heavy lifting for any support or IT team. Most deployments take days or weeks.

Centralized Knowledgebase

Centralize ALL of your support data to increase consistency, allow for better data analysis, and better AI

Fully Integrated

All DeviceBits products are built to integrate into our ecosystem. Increasing data utilization and support intelligence.

Create Support Content

Easily create, edit, and publish support content that can be instantly used and optimized.

Analytics Reporting

Analyze digital support content to make intelligent support decisions.

Social Media Ready

Plug in social media support interaction data from the most popular social media platforms.

Guided Support Journey

GPS Like Guidance

Provide customers a self support experience that is self paces with rich, interactive content that's easy to use and provides quick, accurate solutions.

Rich + Interactive Content

Engage in interactive FAQs, step-by-step guides, mixed-media tutorials, and videos.

Journey Tracing

Consumer self help journeys can be traced by support agents in an effort to pick up troubleshooting where user left off.

Increasingly Successful

System self-learns which makes it increasing better at answering customer and agent questions.

Digital Agents​

Integrated Device Support

DeviceBits supports over 700 of the most popular devices ranging from wireless phones, tablets, routers, cable boxes, etc...

MyAccount Support

Billing & account questions still a major impact to your overall customer support?

App & Web Support

App & Website specific support is critical for your customers.

Software Support

Need to provide customers guidance for your software?

Live Agents

Agent Training

Get new agents trained and on the phones quicker. Keep seasoned agents informed


Improve agent retention by giving them the knowledge and tools in an environment built to succeed.

Trending Topics

Recent spike? Known outage? You can see most used topics here.

Mission BOTs

Provide the knowledge quicker & easier to your agents.



All DeviceBits products are built to integrate into our ecosystem. This increases data collection and improves support intelligence.​


Every customer support exchange increases the chatbot's conversational logic. Which leads to higher success during future exchanges.


No need to pull resources off other projects to update chatbot conversations, BOT+ integrates into DeviceBits AI platform which shares a common knowledgebase.