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Enhance the Consumer Experience

with Smarter Customer Service Solutions

Lead customers through a predictive, self-learning platform where they can get answers quickly, and often without having to reach out to your customer service staff. Our software uses machine learning algorithms to improve the customer service experience, drive sales, and increase customer retention.

Intelligent Customer Support Suite

Future proof your customer service with an increasingly intelligent agent assisted and self-service platform.


Frictionless deployment enabling customers to self-service with a predictive, interactive experience.



Gain valuable insights by connecting the power of artificial intelligence, machine learning and predictive customer journeys.


Empower agents with an extensible knowledge portal providing predictive and guided paths that lead to higher customer service ratings.


Are wait and call times negatively impacting your customer’s experience? Are you providing a self-support experience? What if you could measure and impact not only a customer’s experience but also your agents?


What if you had knowledge about your customers that allowed you to make better decisions around customer service, logistical strategies, and product roadmaps? What if you could provide an online and improved agent experience to ensure more successful outcomes? What if you could automate a portion of your service requests with intent matching to known resolutions via BOTs or Intelligence Augmentation (IA)?


What if you could train and retain agents by getting them effective faster? Could you use agents to enable self-service and future article topic creation? How can Artificial Intelligence improve resolution rates and drive higher NPS scores?


What if you could train your chatbot using AI/ML to create chatbots with real substance? Generate conversational logic to help guide customers through support while also enabling simple sales engagements with BOT+.

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