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Enhance the Consumer Experience

with Smarter Customer Service Solutions

Empower customers through a predictive, self-learning platform where they can get answers on-demand without having to reach out to your customer service staff. Our software uses machine learning algorithms to improve the customer service experience, drive sales engagement, and increase customer retention.

Intelligent Customer Service Platform

Future proof your customer service with an increasingly intelligent agent assisted and self-service platform.


Frictionless deployment enabling customers to self-service with a predictive, interactive experience.



Gain valuable insights by connecting the power of artificial intelligence, machine learning and predictive customer journeys.


Empower agents with an extensible knowledge portal providing predictive and guided paths that lead to higher customer service ratings.


Academy is a low-cost solution to enable consumer self-support destinations across all digital channels. Each Academy destination will contain content including FAQs, guides, tutorials, and videos that are intelligently linked to predictive user journeys, leading to positive outcomes for the consumer. All content is custom developed with our clients based on the knowledge in the data product DeviceBits has deployed, and is validated as a “source of truth” of curated content. By leveraging behavioral data science with validated answers, our clients are able to drive better outcomes and enable the continuous learning environment required to keep up with the demands on call centers and sales organizations.

Support Predict

A massive knowledge base built from real user behavior in a cross collection engine makes up our Support Predict offering. This engine contains over 100 million user behaviors and feedback while leveraging self-help articles across all channels, including client websites, mobile apps, social media, search networks, virtual and live chat, voice-controlled assistants like Alexa, and SMS/MMS. Through artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning algorithms, and predictive analytics, Support Predict provides your organization data to make better decisions around product strategies, enhancements, and to ensure brand loyalty. Gather and measure your insights through reporting, dashboards, and optimized user journeys.

Care Assist

Ensure the effectiveness of your agents through a consistent customer service experience anywhere a user may seek help, such as support forums, social media, chat, SMS/MMS and email. Manage these requests from a single agent assisted support interface enabling predictive solutions, automated responses and suggest guided agent solutions. Extend your customer information through integrations to popular CRM providers or other back office applications to ensure a more personalized customer service experience. Automate conversations through BOT ready articles or copilot responses with a live agent to ensure accuracy and customer satisfaction.

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