The DeviceBits Difference

With Applied AI, DeviceBits built a platform and product lineup that completes the customer support cycle.

Intelligent Customer Support Platform

Our platform is designed to guide customers through a predictive, self-learning system where they can get answers quickly, often without picking up the phone. Our software benefits from machine learning algorithms used to improve the customer service experience, drive sales, support accuracy, and customer retention.

Customer Self-Service

Customer Support


BOT+ chatbot


Guided Path Resolutions

AI/ML Platform

Agent Intent / BOT Training

Source of Truth Engineering Knowledge Repository

Guided Predictive Support Products

Frictionless deployment enabling customers to self-service with a predictive, interactive experience. Providing a calculated & REcalculated turn-by-turn experience for your customer, ensuring optimal route to resolution.

What if you could train your chatbot using AI/ML to create chatbots with real substance? Generate conversational logic to help guide customers through support while also enabling simple sales engagements with BOT+.

Empower agents with an extensible knowledge portal providing predictive and guided paths that lead to higher customer service ratings. Also allows for seamless transition between self-service and agent assisted support.

Singular Source of Knowledge


Intelligent Decision Support Platform

SupportPredict is an out-of-the-box AI platform leveraging real user behaviors in a cross-channel collection engine containing more than 100 million user behaviors and feedback. Applying artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning algorithms, and predictive analytics, SupportPredict enables your organization to make measurable decisions. Our entire suite of products were built to feed and be fed by the ever increasing knowledge base, allowing for infinite improvement.