Self Improving Self-Service

Turning basic "hunt & click & call" support into an intelligent & integrated customer support operation.

Successful Self Support

Lower Support Costs

DeviceBits products and services are key in helping lowering your company's overall support cost.

Better Omni-Channel

Improve your omni-channel presence with DeviceBits customer support platform

Better Customer Retention

Customers feel empowered when they can solve their own problems. Providing them that easy win creates a more loyal customer

Improve NPS

DeviceBits can help your organization increase NPS by helping tackle key support initiatives

Creating Successful Digital Self Support

Smarter Chatbots

Digital Containment

If a customer has to pick up the phone, customer service is already declining.

Self Improving Self Support

Does your self support truly solve the issue or just prolong it? Give your customers a guided experience that is self paces, interactive, and relevant to their needs.


No need to pull resources off other projects to update chatbot conversations, BOT+ integrates into DeviceBits AI platform which shares a common knowledgebase.


All DeviceBits products are built to integrate into our ecosystem. This increases data collection and improves support intelligence.​


Every customer support exchange increases the chatbot's conversational logic. Which leads to higher success during future exchanges.

Better Content Management

Allow your support team a quick solution for creating content that will help their customer and the rest of the support team.