Supporting the IoT

DeviceBits is creating the first ever "blended AI" network of support intelligence that allows for better customer service options for IoT.

The Support of Things (SoT)

From Apple to ZTE, and from banking apps to your smarthome…the philosophy behind the Support of Things is helping build an interconnected information and support network for the IoT (Internet of Things)

Our knowledge-platform not only consists of hardware, software, and application level support, but more importantly, it is the first ever “blended” support network that allows customers to resolve non-brand specific issues.

Improve NPS

DeviceBits can help your organization increase NPS by helping tackle key support initiatives

Better Omni-Channel

Improve your omni-channel presence with DeviceBits customer support platform

Combine Support Knowledge

Let DeviceBits combine and host all of your various silo'd support data.