Central Source of Truth

Powerful AI platform guiding customer interactions built to self learn from every customer and agent interaction.

AI/ML Platform

Intelligent Decision Support Platform​

SupportPredict is an out-of-the-box AI platform leveraging real user behaviors in a cross-channel collection engine containing more than 100 million user behaviors and feedback. Applying artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning algorithms, and predictive analytics, SupportPredict enables your organization to make measurable decisions. Our entire suite of products were built to feed and be fed by the ever increasing knowledge base, allowing for infinite improvement. 

Actionable Analytics

Continually optimize the digital experience to match intent with resolution using Search, Question and Answer, and Feedback accelerating service interactions.

Guided Customer Journey

Connecting and profiling customer service queries through related concepts, trending articles, and suggested paths.


Leverage open APIs to integrate to existing customer management software combining the knowledge repositories and gaining a comprehensive view of your customer.​

effectiveness scoring

Content Effectiveness

Quantify and improve the effectiveness of your knowledge engineering linked to the user session which enhances the customer service journey.

Net Promoter Score(NPS) is a well understood corporate metric identifying your customers as Detractors, Passives, and Promoters. DeviceBits’ predictive NPS trajectory modeling informs companies of unhappy, vulnerable, and loyal customers. Using this prediction, DeviceBits will create positive interventions that move your customers up the NPS scale.

Academy + CareAssist

What if you had knowledge about your customers that allowed you to make better decisions around customer service, logistical strategies, and product roadmaps?

What if you could provide an online and improved agent experience to ensure more successful outcomes?

Providing immediate, data-driven experiences is just the beginning. You can further improve the quality of experience for this new approach by integrating your own data assets such as CRM, billing, knowledge repositories, warranty exchange, and more.

BOT+ chatbot


Now what if you could automate a portion of your service requests with intent matching to known resolutions via BOTs or Intelligence Augmentation (IA)? Meet BOT+